Drift, the revolutionary fitness experience
comes to Android screens.


1. Compress and impelent large chunk of data into a simple yet user friendly interactive experience.

2. Keep user engaging with the new technology Drift brings us.

Drift ♦ is the android app that brings user revolutionary fitness experience. With Drift, you can excercise wherever and whenverver you want!

A good tool to visually illustrate
the application working process and
use cases. Based on flow diagram, each
function is illustrated with wirerframes
before move into design phase.

Target audience of this project is any age groups of male and females look forward of healthy life styles.

With the solid understanding of user and functionl requirements, based on detailed wireframes, confidence shines in the design process.

Drift brings a fun yet informational digital experience that offers a simple way of exercising whenver wherever you want. Here we go!