Web App, Windows Surface Tablet, Ideum Multi-touch Tables and Screens, Video Walls, Kiosks

Project Description
Boeing CEM (Customer Engagement Modeling) web application used to generate analysis for commercial airplane sales;
Boeing CAE (Center of Airline Excellence) tablet/multi-touch screen apps used to create and control all user interfaces and presentations at Boeing Center of Airline Excellence facility at Renton, WA

• User Group: Engineers, analysts, regional directors, presenters.

Lead UX Design

CEM & CAE Workflow |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Flow chart illustrates the connection among CEM,
CEM Plan Presentation, CAE Controller and CAE.

CEM Web Application Wireframe |||||||||

Customer Engagement Model for Business Analysis team,
this web app is used to create different analysis to find the
best approach for commercial airline sales.

1. CEM Dashboard
2. CEM Analysis Workspace - Single Analysis
3. CEM Analysis Workspace - Fleet Analysis
4. User Interface Design Composition ( 1 ) - Fleet Analysis
5. CEM Analysis Workspace - Fleet Analysis with Parameters Alternating
6. CEM Analysis Workspace - Fleet Analysis with Yearly Parameters
7. CEM Analysis Workspace - Fleet Analysis Yearly Parameter Display Options

CAE Tablet Controller ||||||||||||||||||

CAE Windows Surface Tablet App used to control
presentations in CAE Facilities (Ideum Screens and
Multitaction multi-touch screens and tables).

1. CEM scheduled presentations & generic Boeing presentations
2. Scheduled Qantas Fleet presentation running in facility entry ways
3. Access Qantas Fleet Presentation individual files
4. Re-assign files to each individual screens in entryway

CAE Multi-touch Interaction Storyboard |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Concept storyboard briefly walks through,
the multi-touch interface screen sharing process.

CAE multi-touch screen sharing and file collaborating workflow