FOX Sports

Mobile & Tablet (IOS, Android)

Project Description
FOX Sports FOXGO App: watch live sports and shows from FOX Sports

• User Group: Sports lovers.

Interaction Design (UI & UX)

FOXGO Mobile App Workflow ||||||||||||||||||||||

Flow chart illustrates FOXGO app user registration
and authentication process


FOXGO iPhone Wireframe & Design |||||||||

Wireframes and designs for IOS mobile apps

1. iPhone UI design - Videos, Settings, Sports & News

2. iPhone Wireframe


FOXGO iPad Wireframe & Design |||||||||

Wireframes and designs for IOS tablet apps,
including information research.

1. Baseball Field Calculation
2. iPad Wireframe for GameTrax MLB

3. iPad Design for GameTrax MLB
4. iPad Design for GameTrax UFC
5. iPad Design for NFL Falcons VS Texans


FOXGO Android Design |||||||||

Design for Android mobile

Team Statistics, Sports Customization, NBA Live Events