Web App for Chrome & Windows Surface

Project Description
Web App to promote Textron System Solution Suite products.
Challenges are: 1. Information Architecture - Visually sort and categorize large product system with complicated product lines; 2. 2D & 3D Graphics Inegration - Real time 3D Engine rendered 3D graphics integrate with 2D background and navigation menu

• Use Group: Defense & Security Event Attendees

UX/UI Design: strategy planning, wireframing, design composition

Textron Wireframes|||||||||
Wireframes and flow chart to demonstrate
the app layout, functionalities and information architecture.

1. Flow chart for content architecture
2. Top level navigation - Command & Control Systems
3. Top level navigation with videos and images embeded
4. Third level navigation with 3D model
Textron Design Composition |||||||||

Design for Chrome and Windows Surface

Third level navigation with real time 3D model